Great Chefs

Our Mission and Inspiration

   In the late 1960s and early 1970s, before cooking shows and celebrity chefs were considered entertainment, and prior to the Great Chefs’ premiere in 1981, Julia Child’s French Chef was a food lover’s main experience with top chefs. Great Chefs shattered the mold of the studio TV cooking show in the early 1980s, by taking cameras into the kitchens of the world´s finest restaurants for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). For the first time ever, viewers watched over the shoulders of the renowned chefs as they worked and chatted, explaining their techniques and the secrets of how they work their magic.
   The original Great Chefs series had a 30+ year run featuring hundreds of chefs from around the world, introducing them and their kitchens to a hungry television audience. Launched in New Orleans, Great Chefs embarked on an epicurean journey that would take them to food meccas such as San Francisco, New York and Chicago, expanding the moniker to include Great Chefs of the Caribbean, South America and Europe, and much more. Success was unparalleled, with Great Chefs eventually taking its place within the Discovery Channel for two hours every afternoon, and producing ancillary products such as cookbooks and videos.